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Tour update

I’ve been pondering for a while on what my first post should be about. I want my blog to be a space for updates on my life, activities and my general well-being. Hoping it would provide more insight into Josie’s life.

Edinburgh lit up by the night sky
Edinburgh by night

First off, I’m a terrible writer so I really do apologise. I’m cheesy as anything and I try to be poetic and tend to fail. If you are amused though, feel free to let me know! I would like to improve my writing as well, so any criticism and feedback would be much appreciated.

If I were to give you, dear reader, a little update on my life as it is right now – it feels a bit manic if I’m honest! I’ve been busy catching up with friends in Denmark, touring the UK and having photo shoots done. It’s been amazing, I’ve met some inspiring people this summer, and I’m so grateful!

Sunset on Langeland
Sunset in Denmark

My last year of university is slowly creeping up on me and I want to be sure I finish with some form of honours. I’m not the most academic person anyways, so I shall be working hard and getting my arse into gear!

Touring has knocked the wind out of me, and I will be taking a break until the foreseeable. I still intend on going to Glasgow and Edinburgh for shorter trips, but London shall be taken off my touring list at least until the end of university.

If you would like to meet and connect, I’m happy to arrange for you to fly me to you or even train me to you. I would have to fit this in and around my studies, so please do bear with me if it takes me a while to get back to you with dates.

Windmill in Denmark
Windmill in Denmark

Now some more university updates. I will be working on my bachelor’s project from January, and I hope to make a podcast in this instance. I’m very thankful I get to choose from different options at my university. I’ve really enjoyed my audio modules and hope to continue on this path after graduation.

Naturally I hope to do my project on sex work, in all its many shapes and sizes. The main obstacle will be getting it accepted by the ethics board – but I’m prepared to make my case a convincing one.

I plan to interview people on both sides of the story – gentlemen and companions. Let me know you’re fall into either of these categories and would like to contribute. I would make the whole project 100% anonymous. I can slur voices and use an alias. Your privacy and discretion would be my number one priority.

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