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Going on a date

Meeting someone for the first time, is something I never get tired of. I look forward to spending quality time with you over dinner first, paired with delicious wine, conversing and getting to know each other. The spark that happens when two people meet for the first time is electric and addictive. all at once.

Longer dates are perfect for building tension. The excitement builds up with every bite we take, observing each other's movements, looking into each other's eyes and possibly lusting at our mouths.

I adore long term relationships and arrangements where we both have a mutual interest in each other. I like to connect and enjoy titillating chemistry that makes my heart race when you reach for the bread at the same time as me.

I'm tempted to say something cheesy like "passion is my middle name" or something along those lines, but I'm sure you've read many variations of the same thing time and time again.

I don't want to give too much away, but I will tell you one thing... I am a pleaser at heart and I enjoy nothing more than making you feel sexy and confident during our time together. Oh and obviously giving you an orgasm or two. If you treat me like a lady, I will in turn treat you like a King.

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