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Who is Josie?

An old soul, eccentric, down to earth and easy going - some generic phrases, but alas very insightful, I would use to describe me. I'm adventurous and spontaneous, and yet easy to please. My interests are many, and include; photography, reading, yoga, and pottery.

During my childhood I've been fortunate enough to experience the world; having lived in both India and Malaysia before returning to Denmark. I now live in central Scotland and have made my life here.


I'm an alternative lady with some quirky tattoos. My now brown hair frames my face in a complimentary way, and brings out my beautiful blue eyes and highlights my enticing smile. 


Naturally I'm quite cheeky and flirty, in a subtle and charming way. You'll notice it in the way I look at you, hold your hand or put my hand through your hair.

Traditional relationships are not for me - I consider myself open to polyamorous relationships and enjoy swinging and other fun parties where people find themselves in bigger groups engrossed in each other's bodies. Kink is a big turn-on for me. Tell me your naughty thoughts and desires!

About me
  • Are you really Danish?
    As Danish as they come - soft and creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Albeit I've lived most of my childhood abroad, I'm born to danish parents, and culturally I see myself as Danish.
  • Can I buy you a gift?
    This is extremely thoughtful - and I would love to receive a gift from you. If you would like some inspiration here are a few suggestions! Chocolate: Dark, dairy free & gluten free. White wine: Riesling, Vouvray Red wine: Malbec, Rioja Sparking: Prosecco Books: Biographies, rom-coms, true-crime Clothing: Jimmy Choo and Karen Millen Bags: Anything crocodile patterned Shoe size: 8 Dress size: 14 Bra: 34C / 36B Bottoms: 14 Wildcard: Funky socks Favourite colours: Lilac or bottle green Favourite patterns: Croc skin - on shoes or bags Here is a link to my Throne wishlist Otherwise I enjoy spa giftcards, restaurant giftcards and quirky fridge magnets. Feel free to surprise me.
  • What is your favourite food?
    I absolutely adore pan-asian food! Japanese, thai, malaysia, indonesian... All of it! Otherwise I'm not picky at all really, but seafood is always a sure-fire yes!
  • What's your favourite hobby?
    When I was younger, I absolutely adored horse riding, and now I would love to pick up the hobby again, otherwise I love to work on my pottery and yoga skills! I like to practice photography, read books, go for walks, listen to true-crime podcasts, and as of late, build little model houses.
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