Who am I?

An old soul, eccentric, down to earth and easy going - some of the words that have been used to describe me. I'm adventurous and at times fleeting. My interests are many, and I often go from one to the next. I am a big fan of chemistry and tend to pursue a connection when I come across one. Spontaneity and impulsivity drives me and makes this existence exciting. 

I'm quite cheeky and flirty by nature. I've also been told there's a curious charm about my person that will leave you wanting more. 

I'm a bit alternative - with a few facial piercings and body tattoos, but I promise they're nothing offensive. If you worry that my appearance isn't suitable for finer meets, I'm happy to wear longer sleeves or a blazer.


During my childhood I've been fortunate enough to experience the world; having lived in both India and Malaysia before returning to Denmark. I now live in central Scotland and have made my life here.

Traditional relationships are not for me - I consider myself polyamorous to some degree and also enjoy swinging and other fun parties where people find themselves in group engrossed in each other's bodies. Kink is a big turn-on for me. Naughty thoughts, fantasies and desires

Creative outlets are very important to me, so in my spare time I like to partake in pottery classes! If you're lucky I might dedicate a piece to you. When I was younger, drawing and painting was my main outlet.


Food is one of the biggest ways to my heart - I am a self confessed foodie. Pan-asian cuisine e.g. Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian is my favourite, along with Japanese. Feel free to spoil me and let me indulge at a Michelin star restaurant with you.