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Who is Josie?

An old soul, eccentric, down to earth and easy going - some generic phrases, but alas very insightful, that I would use to describe me. I'm adventurous and spontaneous, but still quite easy to please. My interests are many, and include; photography, reading, and pottery.


I'm an alternative lady - with dyed hair and body tattoos, but I promise they're nothing offensive. My fiery red hair frames my face in a complimentary way, and brings out my beautiful blue eyes and highlights my enticing smile. 


Naturally I'm quite cheeky and flirty, in a subtle and easy way. You'll notice it in the way I look at you, hold your hand or put my hand through your hair.


During my childhood I've been fortunate enough to experience the world; having lived in both India and Malaysia before returning to Denmark. I now live in central Scotland and have made my life here.

Traditional relationships are not for me - I consider myself polyamorous to some degree and also enjoy swinging and other fun parties where people find themselves in group engrossed in each other's bodies. Kink is a big turn-on for me. Tell me your naughty thoughts and desires!

About me
  • Are you really Danish?
    As Danish as they come - soft and creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside.
  • Can I have a picture of you?
    You may indeed have a glance at my Twitter and my gallery.
  • Can I buy you a gift?
    This is extremely thoughtful - and I would love to receive a gift from you. If you would like some inspiration here are a few suggestions! Otherwise I enjoy spa giftcards, restaurant giftcards and quirky fridge magnets. Feel free to surprise me.
  • What kind of meets do you offer?
    I'd say I specialise in a very sensual and intimate girl-friend experience. I love kissing, sharing soft and tender moments where we're all wrapped in each others arms. We can make our time together very special, by doing just what we like. If you have any thoughts on how you would like spend our time, send an email and let me know! I will say, I am generally kinky and can lean both ways. Power dynamics are always exciting and great exploring with the right partner.
  • Do you like to meet with couples?
    Short answer to this is: Absolutely! I'm genuinely bisexual, and would be honoured to join your private sphere and get a taste of your naughty fantasies. I would although need to be 100% sure that both of you equally WANT to meet me. I'd suggest we first meet up for drinks, have a nice relaxed chat and take the next step if we're all comfortable. Sounds good? Great. Read here for booking information.
  • I am X ethnicity / X age / X gender / less able bodied. Will you still meet me?
    By principle I do not discriminate. I believe in a world where we all appreciate one another regardless of upbringing, opinions, morals, ethnicity, age, profession, skin colour and abilties. I want to be as accomodating as possible and provide a lovely time during my meets. If you have any special requirements during our meet e.g. you need a foot rub half-way through or you would like to take a shower every 15 minutes - you do you, my friend. Time with me is a safe space. If your body is less able than mine, and require extra care during our session, do not fret! I will look after you as best as I can. I am very comfortable seeing people with different body-types as well. I'm not stick-thin and will make you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • What do you enjoy?
    Other than a big plate of loaded nachos or some strawberries dipped in chocolate - respect and a man who knows what HE wants. Massive turn-on.
  • How much notice do you need for a booking?
    I prefer to have up at least 2 days notice. I can be flexible and would be happy to see you when suits us both.
  • When can I meet you?
    You can view my availability for tours and outcalls here. Please get in touch if you would like to meet further into the future or if you would like to whisk me away to the Bahamas.
  • Where can I meet you?
    Where ever you would like! Cuba? Kensington Palace? Edinburgh Castle? The first option is obviously more feasible than the others, but my point is, anywhere really. I prefer to start our date at a restaurant for either lunch or dinner - or both! I can meet you at your hotel or you can come to me if I'm touring in Scotland. If you would like to make a good impression, you could fly/train me to you for a memorable time together.
  • Can I suggest an outfit for our date?
    I'm a free-thinking soul, and I generally don't take well to outfit requests. Besides, you wouldn't really do this with someone you had met via different channels. Unless, you were going to buy her the outfit. If you would like to buy me an outfit for our date, I'd be very happy to wear it. I like to wear minimal make-up and an outfit to suit the occassion. I tend to dress up for dinner and be more casual for lunch. An outfit can either be some nice trousers and a blazer or a satin wrap dress. Both with heels.
  • Can we correspond over text/email prior to our date?
    Of course - I prefer this. If you would like to have a phone call to be put at east, we can arrange for this too. For obvious reasons I'm not able to be a pen-pal with every one of my suitors, so I do ask you respect my boundaries. If you wish to have further chats and correspondence, I would love to upon receiving a gift-card via my email
  • Do you party?
    I do not - but I don't really mind if you want to during our session. If you've had one too many and acting inappropriate, I will leave the date without any refund.
  • You're too expensive for me. Can I have a discount?
    I'm flattered that you would really like to spend time with me, but no I do not offer discounts. If we're having a lovely time together and everything is going well, I will stay longer on my own accord. I know it might be hard to understand my rates and what I charge, but the time we spend together is not the only time your money goes towards. I spend time on getting ready for our date together by getting my nails done, having my hair done, spending money on a lovely outfit etc etc. I hope you understand.
  • What can I expect from meeting with you?
    I enjoy being sensual and sharing romantic moments with the people I meet. I do my utmost to make sure my date feels special and like the only person on my mind and in my thoughts. ​ It's important for me to put a lot of effort into my dates, not just in regards to my own physical appearance, but also emotionally and mentally. I want you to feel sexy, admired and safe.
  • Are your pictures real?
    They are indeed! I like to go to a yearly photoshoot and take regularly pictures of myself. I prefer to keep my face and tattoos blurred out to keep my privacy. I hope you understand.
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