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Who is Josie?

An old soul, eccentric, down to earth and easy going - some generic phrases, but alas very insightful, that I would use to describe me. I'm adventurous and spontaneous, but still quite easy to please. My interests are many, and include; photography, reading, and pottery amongst others. 


I'm an alternative lady - with a few facial piercings and body tattoos, but I promise they're nothing offensive. My fiery red dyed hair frames my face in such a complimentary way, and brings out my beautiful blue eyes and highlights my enticing smile. 


I'm quite cheeky and flirty by nature. I hope my charm will captivate you and will leave you wanting more. Appropriate flirting over dinner is bound to happen over dinner. 


During my childhood I've been fortunate enough to experience the world; having lived in both India and Malaysia before returning to Denmark. I now live in central Scotland and have made my life here.

Traditional relationships are not for me - I consider myself polyamorous to some degree and also enjoy swinging and other fun parties where people find themselves in group engrossed in each other's bodies. Kink is a big turn-on for me. Tell me your naughty thoughts and desires!

About me
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