Welcome to my oasis 


Josie is a part-time girlfriend, full-time student and an adventurer through and through. She truly believes the world is her oyster and hers to explore. Maybe you would like to join?

Being Danish, her sense of humour can be bit curious at times, but hopefully keep you entertained. 

Miss Fleur has an affliction for the odd, weird and morbid. She enjoys going to cool museums or listening to paranormal stories. And yes, she very much enjoys true crime and coincidental anecdotes. 


And for my next trick, I bring you, some sensual visuals

Who do I spend my time with?


I genuinely enjoy being a companion - I get to live out a fantasy with an appreciative gentleman and escape my normal life for a few hours or - if I'm lucky - for a whole night.


I put a lot of effort into my dates, not just in regards to physical appearance, but also emotionally and mentally. With this, I love to spend my time with someone who appreciates my company and personality.


I do my utmost to ensure our time together is relaxed and comfortable whilst still allowing for some flirting over dinner. Slow and unrushed dates are my favourite and where I feel the most comfortable.  

I like to meet with someone who is laid-back like me, easy to talk to, and wants to get to know me, because I will most certainly want to get to know you! You might like going to the theatre, eat delicious food or going wine tasting - these are all big favourites of mine.


If you are so inclined



Based in Scotland.  

Body type

Toned and curvy - in all the right places

Shoe Size



3 on right arm - 1 on left arm - 1 on left thigh - one on back - sternum

Eye Colour

Piercing blue - also been called mesmerising 


Danish - Born in the UK - Raised in Malaysia

Cup Size


Outcalls - on occassion incalls when on tour.

Read more here.

Hair colour

Naturally a brunette, but I now fashion red hair with copper ends. 


Martini glass

Dress size


Passport ready?


5'6" - tall for some, just right for others.


Bisexual - I very much enjoy the company of other women in the bedroom.


Septum, each side of my nose, several in both ears, both nipples, one dermal in my cleavage.

I am fully vaccinated and ready for any kind of adventure you'd like to take me on. Please sure more about my interests and likes.