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Booking etiquette

Here is some important information on how to book a date with me! Once you've consumed the following information and you've settled on a date, time, screening method and also deposit method - then I would like to invite you to go through to my contact form here or get in touch here via email.


Booking request

As the initial form of communication, I would like you to use my contact form on the next page. If you prefer to get in touch directly via email, please send me the following information:

1. Full Name

2. Age

3. Phone number

4. When you would like to meet (Please have a look at my availability here. If you wish to meet further out in the future, state this in the email please.)

5. How long you would like to meet for e.g. 6 hours or an overnight. 

6. A bit about you and how you would like to spend our time together. 

7. Lastly, please include your preferred method of screening - more info on this further on the page.

Please feel free to copy/paste this and use it as a template in your email to me.

Booking request

Screening process

The dreaded question - what about screening information? I know it might seem dangerous for you - you're obviously worried about discretion and privacy. I understand your concern, and please let me try to put you at ease.


My screening process is ONLY to ensure my safety. There is absolutely no point in me using this information against you. This would ruin my business and my integrity, which I ultimately don't want to endanger. I am your well-kept secret and in turn I will respect your privacy.


It's also a way for me to tease out people who are not serious meeting with me. I put a lot of effort into meets and dates, and would like to spend my time with people who feel the same way.


I am happy to receive ONE of the following as part of my screening:

1. Government issued ID (Driver's license or passport)

2. LinkedIn profile

3. Email from your professional work email (contents can be blank).

4. References from 2 other companions you have met in the past 6 months.

5. Your hotel booking confirmation

If you have any issues or concerns about privacy please do get in touch and we can work out an alternative plan. Once our date has taken place, I will delete all emails and information I have from you.

Screening procedure

Deposit information

Just like many other professions, deposits are essential when arranging a date with me. For me to be able to set aside time for our date in my calendar, I need a deposit of 30% of the booking. The deposit will go against the total fee of our date. Deposits are non-refundable, UNLESS I have to cancel. When I have received your email with a booking request, and we have agreed on a date and time, I will be expecting a deposit.

I understand things may happen in your private life which may lead you to rescheduling. If you do need to cancel and would like to reschedule a date with me, I will keep the deposit for our second attempt. If you have to cancel again, I would love to rearrange - after receiving the full fee for our 3rd attempt via bank transfer or any other method convenient to yourself.

How to send a deposit:

1. E-gift cards e.g. HoneyBirdette, Harrods or any other gift cards that can be sent via email. You can address the gift-card to

2. CashApp - £JosieFleur

3. Bank transfer - if we have met previously

4. Krypto currency - email for more information

5. Feel free to be creative!

Deposit information

Let's get a date in the calendar!

Once you've read the above information, and you'd like to proceed with meeting me in person, I would suggest you move onto the next page and fill in my contact form, or send an email here with the information I require.

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