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Booking etiquette

Here is some important information on how to book a date with me!


Booking request

As the initial form of communication, I would like you to use my contact form on the next page.

If you prefer to get in touch directly via email, please send me the following information:

1. Full Name
2. Age
3. Phone number
4. When you would like to meet - feel free to suggest a few different dates.
5. How long you would like our date to be. 
6. A bit about you and how you would like to spend our time together. 

Please feel free to copy/paste this and use it as a template in your email to me.


Booking request
Deposit information

Deposit policy

I prefer to be quite flexible regarding deposits when booking with me, and therefore only ask for a deposit in certain circumstances.

I will ask for a deposit

- if you'd like to meet for an incall at a time that is outwith my normal working hours, i.e. before 10am or after 11pm.

- if you would like to book with me much in advance. I prefer to have some security.

- if you would like to meet me for an outcall more than a 20 minute drive from me.

- if you have no-showed me previously - I will also ask for 100% of the lost fee from the time you no-showed me.



I ask for a 20% deposit, which will be taken off the full fee, and it is non-refundable unless I for some reason have to cancel.



Incase of you having sent me a deposit, I am happy to reschedule 2 weeks following our initial meet. After the 2 weeks, you will need to send a new deposit.

How to send a deposit:

1. E-gift cards e.g. HoneyBirdette, Harrods or any other gift cards that can be sent via email. You can address the gift-card to

2. CashApp - £JosieFleur

3. Bank transfer - if we have met previously. This can be provided on text or email.

5. Feel free to be creative!


Let's get a date in the calendar!

Once you've read the above information, and you'd like to proceed with meeting me in person, I would suggest you move onto the next page and fill in my contact form, or send an email here with the information I require.


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